Project Management Solutions and Consulting

Using industry experience, Resilient Management Solutions delivers service first, and innovative project management practices and solutions to federal and commercial clients.

Service – First and foremost, we provide our clients with impeccable service, going above and beyond to exceed client expectations. We take ownership of the project, and recognize that our client’s success is our success. We have a staff that understands that customer service is first while completing all project tasks and collaboration efforts for a successful project delivery.

Process Improvement – Our team is trained to evaluate current project management practices, assess, and identify ways to improve process and quality for the needs of the organization. We implement a plan for process improvement, get stakeholders and project teams acclimated successfully and communicate / document processes effectively.

Project Planning & Execution – Our approach to project planning & execution is to understand our client, the requirements, implementation, risks, issues, stakeholders, project constraints and the full lifecycle of the project. As a result, we are able to develop a detailed project plan, integrated master schedule, and workflow that is tailored to the needs of the client in an effort to keep our teams motivated, organized while tracking and completing tasks throughout the project.

Documentation – Our service includes complete project documentation tailored to the needs of your organization. Project Charters, Project Plans, Implementation Plans, Communication Plans, RACI, Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Risk Registers, RAID Logs, and other documentation as it relates to the client’s project needs are provided and maintained. With service and the success of our client in mind, our goal is to deliver project documentation that our clients can use efficiently in future and ongoing projects.

Strategy – We use a Project Roadmap, Framework, and Project Workflow to map out strategy and approach that supports the vision of the client and the project needs. Providing an illustration of how the client’s vision comes to life is key to providing the highest level of service, competency and leadership to our clients as we see the project through to success.

Collaboration – For every successful project, there are multiple teams and stakeholders working together achieve the necessary goals of the project. For this reason, our clients rely heavily on our management of these collaborative efforts and coordination activities. We strive to make the collaboration between teams seamless and harmonious with extensive preparation and due diligence.

Project Status Tracking – Tracking project status is key in project delivery, as to measure project success and performance. Our team not only tracks project milestones and tasks within project schedules, but also Project Status Reports and Briefings for senior leadership to be able to better understand and display project performance.

Acquisition Project Management & Support

Our team provides Acquisition Management Support to help our clients thrive in an environment where innovation, strategy, and organization drives a more efficient acquisition process.

  • Our innovative management practices develop strategies and standardized processes for our GSA client to not only improve the way they manage the acquisition process for their customers, but an improved process to manage the acquisition process and track status.
  • We develop roadmaps, frameworks, workflows, and project plans to help our client implement their acquisition projects more efficiently, identify and resolve issues, and ensure that the management process and strategy is aligned with their goals and objectives.
  • The innovative customized and standardized reporting processes implemented for our client promotes a more streamlined process for tracking progress and reporting up to senior department leadership on the status of acquisition projects, acquisition packages and department initiatives.
  • We custom-build project templates to provide an easier approach for Acquisition Personnel to manage / track their individual acquisition projects.

IT Operations & Maintenance

Resilient Management Solutions has delivered proficient Operations & Maintenance services in support of both commercial and government organizations.

  • We provide a project delivery solution and deliverables tailored to your organization / project needs with project roadmaps, project plans, project schedules, risk and communication deliverables to ensure your project stays on track in accordance with your goals, objectives and timeline
  • We provide a project delivery solution and deliverables tailored to your organization / project needs with project roadmaps, project plans, project schedules, risk and communication deliverables to ensure your project stays on track in accordance with your goals, objectives and timeline
  • With our client’s needs at the forefront, we work as partners with our clients and their vendors to accomplish mission goals, contractual obligations while being proactive in mitigating risks, planning for contingencies, and constantly improving the process for the success of the project
  • We understand that in any release, collaboration is key; there will be multiple departments, stakeholders involved in any migration / release effort, and we are here for the coordination efforts and problem-solving that is required. Stakeholder Engagement & Analysis, Communication and Project Planning with a focus on people, requirements and timeline is key in our approach to make coordination / collaboration among these teams seamless.

Health IT Initiatives

Our organization continues to deliver expertise and competency to support federal organizations with their Health IT / Telehealth initiatives:

  • Resilient Management Solutions supports Veteran Affairs as a subcontractor in the implementation / replacement / refresh of hand-held inventory barcode scanning devices distributed to the Logistics Community in VA hospitals and CMOP facilities. This project is to provide IT equipment to scan expendable / non-expendable supply inventory location, barcode and quantity on hand data transfer to supply chain systems of record, automating inventory management of supplies and equipment. Supply chain optimization is the second-highest priority for hospital leadership just behind wellness. Proper distribution of supplies and equipment is a leading concern due to any disruptions in the supply chain prevents clinicians from providing ideal treatment for patients and introduces compliance risks. Our team has extensive knowledge and proficiency in the project support and implementation of this effort.
  • Our team recognizes that no implementation is complete without the proper training implementation for the professionals utilizing the equipment and applications. We help the end users thrive in new technology, learning how to more efficiently do their jobs and helping users to understand that new technology is a help to them, and the Veterans they serve.
  • We use data analytics to analyze, examine and organize equipment and procurement data.